About Me

Samuel Siebu, a Liberia native now based in the United States, is a senior vice president of human resources within the healthcare sector. More importantly to Siebu, he is a father, partner, and man of faith committed to improving the lives of others he is called to serve.

Current Role and Duties

Siebu is a human resources executive in the healthcare industry. With a senior leadership role at his current company, he implements top-tier recruitment and retention strategies to help build a high-performing organization capable of meeting current and future challenges.

He is committed to improving operations at every level and maintains a zeal for personal improvement and development within the industry. This is demonstrated by his current educational pursuits, including ongoing work on his doctorate in education and human resources administration at the Drexel University School of Education in Philadelphia.

Career History

Siebu has filled his current role as chief people officer for a major healthcare company in western Florida for nearly four years. His past positions were also in healthcare and included multiple stints as a vice president of human resources, three years as a system director of human resources in Ohio, and four years as a manager in charge of recruitment programs at a Sliver Spring, Maryland hospital.

Academic History

Few things are more important to Siebu than learning. As a young man in Liberia, he attended St. Patrick's Catholic High School in Monrovia and then moved to Cuttington University College in Suakoko to pursue undergraduate studies. Unfortunately, civil conflict within his country in the late 1980s disrupted his education.

Eventually, Samuel Siebu traveled to Ghana, West Africa as a refugee to continue his education. After obtaining a bachelor's degree at the KN University of Science and Technology, Siebu relocated to Europe and settled in The Netherlands, intent on pursuing his Master's degree. On the journey to graduate school, he worked wherever he could in menial jobs ranging from meat processing to garbage collection.

His path forward brought him to the Washington D.C. Metro area, and he completed two programs for a Master's degree. He earned a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration Management from the University of Maryland Global Campus. He also earned a Master of Business Administration from Strayer University and graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Despite achieving career success with his current education level, Siebu believes in pressing forward and will obtain his doctorate shortly.

Siebu also holds a Strategic Workforce Planning certificate earned from the Human Capital Institute.

Professional Skills and Experience

As a human resources professional, Siebu is tasked with meeting objectives across various areas, including employee retention, recruitment of new employees, and improving the workplace experience for future recruitment efforts.

Siebu's accomplishments in human resources over the years include significant increases in talent acquisition and a reduction by half in the time it takes to fill an open role. Turnover in key positions was also cut in half at his most recent job, and Siebu has developed and deployed new strategies leading to national recognition on Best Places to Work lists.

Based on his accomplishments, Siebu demonstrates inherent strengths in strategic planning and all areas of human resource operations, information system management, staffing, diversity initiatives, leadership development, compensation, employee benefits, and employee onboarding.

Samuel Siebu is well-respected by his co-workers and contemporaries. They commend his insight, experience, and communication skills, as well as his results as a team member and a team leader. His commitment to recognizing the work of others and elevating their performance is reflected in the commendations he receives from others in his industry, including past co-workers, supervisors, and employees.

Philanthropy and Charitable Involvement

Giving back to others is a lesson Siebu learned early, and he is committed to a wide range of charitable initiatives in the United States and Africa.

Siebu established the SOKS Foundation to promote increased literacy and educational opportunities for underprivileged girls in Liberia. Despite the availability of free basic education in the country, access to school is still not as easy for young girls and women. Foundations like SOKS help bridge the gap in several ways.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Sam Siebu is a dedicated family man, and he is devoted to his three children, his partner, and his siblings and parents. He counts his parents as the role models for his life due to the core values they instilled in him and his siblings as they grew up.

When Samuel Siebu isn't spending his spare time with his family, Siebu is pursuing opportunities to live intentionally and create memories worthy of the time he is granted on earth. At the 50-year-old mark, Sam shows no signs of slowing down and is looking forward to leading a well-lived life for many more decades.


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